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Mistakes Are Learning Opportunities


You have trouble putting mistakes behind you, dwelling on the holes you have already played or holes you will play.


People can become overwhelmed by their mistakes and fixate on them for the next couple of holes. Expect to make a couple of mistakes while playing but think of it as something to work on at home or on the range and play your next shot.


There is no denying that you want every shot to be perfect but it should also be acceptable that there will be tons of mistakes on your path to perfection. Instead of becoming upset about your mistakes, simply accept that an error has occurred. It might even help to play as if every shot is simply a drill, practice, or a wonderful learning experience. Anger will only boost your adrenaline and therefore tense your muscles and set yourself up for playing poorly. Focus on only your current shot and do not allow yourself to dwell on any others. One way to help you to do this is to focus on completing a certain aspect of the shot at hand with positive thoughts and then swing. The longer you hover over the ball, the more likely you will lose your image of where the ball should go and the more room you leave for mistakes.

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