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More Wrist Hinge


You feel like you are coming in and over the top or the clubhead travels to the ball too much from the inside.


You might be focusing too much on making a full shoulder turn and are forgetting to hinge your wrists and to move your arms. Allow your arms and wrists to bring the club up and the shoulders to bring the club around.


Work on adding in a little more wrist hinge to your drives. Initiate your swing with a hinging of the wrists as you begin to move your arms back. It should feel as if for the first few feet past the ball that you are just picking the club up. Once your forward arm is back, in front of your trailing leg, you should begin to turn your shoulders into a full turn. Once you have completed your shoulder turn at the top, it should feel as if you can naturally unwind into the ball. The more you practice this, the mover it will feel that you are beginning to unify the movement of your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders.

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