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Narrow Your Focus


You need to more accuracy around the green.


Golfers often fail to take enough club around the green for fear of overshooting it. When in doubt, chose more club and simply increase the loft if you still have your doubts.


Go to the golf course early to get a feel for your short shots and how they are rolling on the practice green. Instead of thinking about just getting the ball onto the green or getting it close to the hole, think of the green as being in different sections. Mentally divide the green into halves or thirds to narrow your focus and to help you read the green better to predict how the ball will land. Select a section of the green that you feel will give you a good roll such as the backside or left side.

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Bill | 6 years ago, mid-January

Desperately seeking more info from last sentence. When I've selected the section I like what do I do with it? Try to hit to it? Model it for how I make short shots? Practice hitting different sections with a less lofted club and the club face open? Enquiring minds...

donald | 6 years ago, mid-January

Basically, the tip suggests to narrow your focus on a specific landing area, as opposed applying a particular swing to any one club. But in order to do that, we need to have a general idea of how the ball will respond to the swing after contact and ground after it lands. Dividing up the green should help narrow your focus on the landing area that should lead the ball closer to the hole. Once you have this information, confidence arises and you simply apply the appropriate swing and club to the shot. Hope that helps.

Jason | 6 years ago, mid-January

I found the article to be very clear. 5-Stars!

bill | 6 years ago, mid-January

Thanks! As a VERY low GIR player, I'm always looking to get close to the hole scrambling.

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