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Neck and Shoulders


You are having difficulty maintaining your original setup posture throughout your golf swing.


You might be trying to make a swing style or degree of a shoulder or hip turn more than what you can handle. This might be due to having a shoulder, back, or neck weakness. Remember to stretch and exercise these muscles daily often.


Players with upper body tension or weakness are likely to come out of their original position. A simple way to build shoulder strength is to do arm circles. A great way to stretch these muscles is to stand up straight with your left arm placed behind you so that your forearm is pressing across your lower back. Keep your right arm hanging at your side. Pretend that someone is slowly pulling on your right arm down towards the ground. Allow your head to tilt to the right as you do this. You should notice a nice stretch in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. If you are going this stretch at home, do it with your back against a wall and try to keep your head in contact with the wall the whole time.

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Michael Ringland | 7 years ago, at the start of April

This advice would be much better if it related to strengthening the lower fibres of the trapezius muscle, (google it) or you could try latissimus dorsi - gyms with a "lat pull down" machine are ok, but not great. To isolate lower trapezius lie down on your side, rest your arm on the outer edge of your eyebrow, raise your arm to point fingers to the ceiling, slowly lower. Too much tension in the upper trapezius (just under your neck) is nearly always due to weakness in the lower fibres, and the stretch described will only give short term relief

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