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Need to Coil


You are unable to rotate shoulders and torso to build up enough torque for a powerful swing.


Wind up toys need power move, just as your backswing needs a strong turn for a powerful swing.


A good daily floor exercise is to lie on your back and bring your right foot to your left knee. Keep your back and shoulders on the ground with your arms out straight. Twist your right hip and entire right side of your body over to your left. Concentrate on expanding your ribcage as you breath and hold this position for about twenty seconds. To help increase the intensity, you can also turn your head to the right during this exercise or place a weighted ball between your knees for extra resistance. To help increase strength and flexibility in your core muscles, practice swinging with a broom as you would with your driver. Hold on to the broom handle and take a full backswing. Slowly speed up as you take your forward swing for a powerful follow through. You should notice that you gradually build up momentum and speed during the swing and hear a sweeping sound just before the point of contact. Repeat this swing several times and when this drill becomes too easy, securely strap leg weights on the lower end of the broom. A good exercise to do while on the course, you should place your golf club behind your shoulders, bend your knees and slightly at the hips. Begin by twisting gently and increase the intensity, continue to do so until the abdominal muscles feel warm.

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