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Occasional Yips


You suffer from the yips or twitching of the hands or wrist at impact. This however, only happens some of the time you play.


This is likely a stress or comfort issue with your game. What people do not often realize is that golfers who tend to have the yips often use too much grip pressure on the club. So if you have additional stress over a specific shot or putt, take a moment to take a deep breath and relax your forearms and hands.


Simply thinking about relaxing your muscles might not do anything for you. If this describes you, then eliminate some of that tension by making a fist with both hands and squeeze as hard as you can for 30 seconds. An important part of preventing the yips is to change how you think during your next shot. Make a change that will linger in your mind during the shot or putt. So if it is the putting yips, you might want to carry an extra putter that is a different style or has a different shaft length. If it is the yips with an iron, try hitting one club up or down and focus on changing the loft to compensate for this change. Many players find it useful to play with a different grip when the yips or to play with only one hand.

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Jason | 6 years ago, mid-April

good stuff.

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