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One Hop


You are 40 yards or less away from the green with a low hanging branch blocking clear access to the green. To make matters worse, you only have a little bit of green to work with so you want the ball to fly low land with very little roll.


Try to make a low pitch so the ball hops just after landing on the green and slides to a stop.


Use your sand wedge and set the ball back in your stance. While keeping your legs and hips quiet, take the club back in a half length backswing, powered mostly by turning your shoulders. Keep your forward wrist stiff as you approach impact and make sure you hit down on the ball with plenty of force. Your key thought should be to make sure you extend your arms as you complete the swing into a half length follow through. At this point, the toe of the club should point up towards the sky. You should not take much of a divot; it is almost as if you cut the grass after the ball with only a little bit of dirt exposed.

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