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Other Sports Improve Golf


You are bored with your normal exercise routine to help keep your body fit for golf.


Try playing other sports such as basketball or tennis. These activities keep your heart rate up and require you to stretch and use similar muscles you would use while playing golf. Plus, the stance you make before trying to shoot the ball into the hoop is similar to the ideal position you want to have at address during golf.


Another great activity you can do to help keep your body fit between rounds of golf is to go swimming. Swimming is a great way to increase muscle tone and during the activity of swimming, you also stretch out a lot of the muscles that are key to making a full swing during golf. Take it easy when you first start your laps; just warmed focus on warming up. Once you feel comfortable in the water, focus on really extending or stretching your arms out as you make your laps. Do not forget to make a variety of strokes, including the backstroke. Try to workout every muscle in your body by changing swimming strokes often and feel a full extension in your sides and arms as you do so.

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Bill | 8 years ago, at the end of June

I found Yoga (Ashtanga or other flow yoga) that focuses on strength, balance and flexibility to also be very helpful

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