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Out To In


You have an out to in swing path, resulting in weak slices.


Focus on bringing your trailing elbow towards your body during the downswing to help keep the clubhead moving along the correct path.


Allow a slight pause at the top of your swing to allow your back to face the target a little longer and to prevent rushing too quickly into your forward swing. Feel the trailing shoulder moving down and your trailing elbow brushing against your side during the downswing through impact. If you allow the trailing elbow to move or stay away from your side then it will cause too much of an outside in swing for a weak slice.

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d | 7 years ago, at the end of March

For some reason this is easier said then done with the longer clubs. Any thoughts on how far away the ball should be from the body with an out to in issue?

Crystal | 7 years ago, at the end of March

Hold the club as usual and allow your trailing elbow to just barely contact your hip. Simply relax your forearms enough to let the clubhead to rest on the ground. Set the ball down either where the center of the clubhead lies or a 1/2 inch further away from your body. The extra 1/2 inch is because a lot of slicers have too steep of a swing and should learn to extend their arms throughout their swing to correct it.

Bill | 7 years ago, at the end of March

I worked on this exact problem last summer with an instructor. I was not keeping my forward arm straight on the backswing and coming inside on the backswing too much as well, resulting in the clubhead looping around to the outside before I began my downswing and an out to in path. I also found out that slicing happened when I tried to swing too hard and my back hand 'took over' the swing. Focusing on even pressure with both hands helped the swing progress more naturally and with less tension resulting in better control and distance as well. Hope this helps...

r loper | 7 years ago, mid-April

good luck with all that just swing the club make sure you start down swing with your feet shifting weight to left it gets your hips turning first therefore dropping the club onto an inside out path don't get real technical it will drive you nuts remember your downswing starts from ground up!

Prof Mulligan | 7 years ago, mid-April

Give some thought to your shoulder alignment at setup. The club will follow your body. So, think of FACING your sternum behind the ball at the club head with both hands gripping the shaft at address. At first it will feel like you're facing away from your target line, but in reality it keeps your shoulders from opening up and pulling the shot. The hips uncoil the swing first - a slight pause at the top helps prevent looping.

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