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Over the Top Checklist


You have an over the top swing.


Video tape your swing or watch yourself in the mirror to look for some of the common swing flaws. Watch to see if you are casting the club at the top of your swing or have too much hand movement at the beginning your swing. Some over the top swings are simply caused by setting too much body weight on the forward side of the body. If you move your arms away from the ball too quickly, it will cause compensate with an over the top swing. You should also check to see if you are moving the clubhead too low during the takeaway, this sets your arms up in a poor position at the top. From the top of your backswing, try working your arms down and not across your face. Do not allow your trailing shoulder to initiate the downswing by leaning forward or curling towards the target. Another possible cause is that you are holding the clubface open at the top of your backswing. Keep in mind that you also need to have a slight lateral movement in your lower body at the beginning of your forward swing. If you try too hard to keep your lower body still, it might cause you to begin swinging over the top.


Focus bringing the butt of the club down in a straight line. To do this, initiate your swing by bringing your hands straight down a few inches so that they stay behind the center of your chest. Once the butt of the club is about elbow high, you will want to begin your turn and weight shift forward. After you drop your hands down, almost pull the clubhead behind along the inside of your target line. Make a full extension and do not allow your hands to crowd your body. You should have a gap between the butt of the club and your body in order to move your arms through freely.

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Greg | 8 years ago, at the start of March

During take away don't jerk club inside- hinge wrist up a bit as you turn back. From the top gradually widen the gap between your right shoulder and hands as elbow drops down to side then swing inside beore shoulders turn open

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