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Over the Top Slice


You only have an over the top slice when you try to make a powerful drive.


You are likely taking too big of a hip turn as you take the club back. This causes you to bring the club too far on the inside of the target line, forcing you to loop the club over at the top. This can all be prevented by simply limiting the amount of hip turn during your swing.


Do not try to make such a powerful swing. You can have more power out of a drive when you swing at 85 percent power than you would if you were swinging at 100 percent. Think of your hips, knees, and legs more of a stable base to your swing to help prevent over turning your hips. If you are still struggling in restricting your hip turn, point the toes on your trailing foot towards the target a little to help block your hip turn. Remember to keep your arms and hands relaxed with a lighter swing and you should see the ball fly.

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