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Over the Water


You need to hit over a water hazard.


Do not spend too much time focusing on the water or this is where the ball is most likely to go. When the water is near the green, players often fail to use a long enough club. Weigh your concerns based on which would be worse. You would likely chose to risk overshooting the green a little rather than having to take a drop by the water.


When in doubt, club up. It will be easier to recover if you over shoot the green than landing in the water hazard. Be sure to keep your head down; if you look up too quickly, then the ball will go into the water. Therapy Center the ball and take an open stance. Keep your hands ahead of the ball and choke down on the grip a little so you hit can harder with a fuller swing. As you take a confident swing, imagine the club is an extension of your left arm and remember to keep your focus on the ball all the way through contact.

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