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Partially Submerged Bunker


Part of your ball is buried in a sand trap near the green.


You need to allow the clubhead to dig under the ball so the sand lifts the ball towards the target. The deeper the ball is buried into the sand, the less spin and control you will have over it.


Go ahead and align your feet and body to the target line with a wide stance. Then place the ball so that it is centered between your feet. Keep your lower body stable with more than half of your body weight placed onto your forward foot. Because the ball is partially submerged, you will need to square the clubface in order to dig into the sand. Swing the club on the target line and make sure that you hinge your wrists early for a steeper backswing. Hit into the sand an inch behind the ball and accelerate through the ball. Do not release your wrists until after you have made contact with the sand.

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