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Positive Visualization


You hit every water, tree, and bunker that you so desperately want to avoid.


When you see and fear a hazard, chances are, you are putting more thought and focus on that object. So naturally, that is where the ball ends up. Only recognize the trouble spots on the course to help you plan the safest target location. Do not allow yourself anytime to stare at the hazards on the course.


If necessary, take extra time to find and imprint your target location in your mind. Positive thinking can go a long way but you also need a positive plan and visualization of this plan in order to execute it properly. So stare at your target area. As you do, think about the club you need and the type of swing necessary to reach this spot. Make sure you look at your target as you take your practice swing. Visualize the ball flying and landing at this location. Stand behind the ball and visualize your line to the target. Continue looking at the target as you set up to the ball and take one more look at it before you initiate your swing.

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