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Prevent Scooping Your Wedges


You scoop the ball with your wedges in attempt to get the ball airborne but just the opposite happens. This causes you to hit the ball thin or fat.


You might be cupping your forward wrist at impact causing a scooping motion. Improve your grip, posture, and alignment.


If you bow your forward wrist in at impact, it can help you prevent scooping the ball. A great drill to test your wrist movements is to take normal golf grip on a bottle with a squirt top and practice your swing. Your goal is to spray the water directly onto the top of the golf ball. If it shoots out in front of the ball, then you are scooping your forward wrist. Now try bowing your forward wrist so the arm curves a little towards your back arm. This will allow you to hit the ball first with more of a downward blow to help get the ball up into the air with some spin on it.

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