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Prevent Swaying


Swaying or sliding during your backswing and want longer drives.


Instead of just bending at the waist, focus more on sticking your bottom out a little and this will help prevent swaying. A wider stance will provide greater leverage to for your rotation to powerfully unwind the hips, shoulders, arms and hands with full acceleration.


Widen your stance so the inside of your heels are equal the width of your shoulders then bend toward the ball by sticking your bottom instead of bending at the hips or knees. Turn your front foot out to assist in the downswing rotation and your back foot in slightly to help center your leverage and prevent over-twisting your hips. Practice swinging in this position and you will notice a tighter coil to help trigger a powerful forward swing.

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ron | 10 years ago, mid-May

how fast should my hands turn the club over at the bottom of the swing. My ball goes a little to the right of target.

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