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Pump It


You have difficulty breaking 100 on the golf course and you feel that it is because you do not get enough distance off of the tee.


Work on a better arm extension and wider swing arc. What is interesting about a recreational player when they swing is that their swing arc goes from being narrow during the backswing, wide into impact, and then narrow through the follow through. Watch a tour player and you can notice that their swing is different because they extend their swing into a wide arc, build up a hinge in a narrow downswing, and extend their arms again into a wide follow through.


Recreational players often lift the club up instead of extending their arms as they turn into the backswing. Then they cast the club down with their trailing arm and allow their arms to collapse at impact. Work on developing a wide to narrow to wide swing style by focusing on stretching your arms out away from your body as you turn and hinge your wrists. Simply practice pumping the club down in front of you a few times as you maintain the hinge in your wrist. Allow your trailing arm to flex a little. Notice how this causes the clubhead to lag and then creates a sudden surge of speed. Now practice it in a full swing. As you notice the surge of speed occurring, focus on turning through the ball and extending your arms into a wide follow through.

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