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Random Directions


You know you are squaring the clubhead at impact but you still seem to alternate between pushing and pulling your shots.


You are likely approaching the ball too far from the inside or outside of your target line. Work on swinging along your target line with a consistent swing plane.


Set two golf clubs on the ground about one foot behind your ball. Set both clubs parallel to the target line so that they are two inches left and right of your target line. Grip an iron in the middle of the shaft. You want the butt of the club pointing between the two clubs on the ground during your backswing. Keep the butt of the club pointing along this line as you begin the forward swing.

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mike | 7 years ago, at the start of May

There "Therapy" portion makes no sense. Set two golf clubs one foot behind your ball??? (then pick them up and) set both clubs parallel to the target line...etc. I think a better way of starting this out is to say "Place two clubs parallel to the target line. Allow a distance of 1 foot between the clubs and place your ball in between the two clubs. This will create a target line for the ball and your swing path. Why not just ignore the first sentence because that's confusing and pointless.

Clint | 6 years ago, mid-March

Mike is severely misinterpreting the therapy portion. I have used this therapy on many occasions with a jimmyrigged 7 iron with a laser pointer attached to the butt end of a club. If you follow mikes method then you will lose sight of the plane you are trying to create by placing the clubs behind the ball. Read carefully and you should not have any problems.

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