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You are close to the green but the ball is resting close to a tree, preventing you from taking a backswing.


You can take an unplayable lie or hit the ball off to the side to a better position, both giving you an extra stroke. If you cannot afford any additional strokes then try to make a rebound or ricochet shot off of the tree and onto the green. Just be careful not to bounce it straight back at yourself!


Use your most lofted club when trying to richochet the ball back on the green. This will help prevent hitting the ball back towards you. Study the angle that the clubhead will travel towards the ball then visualize the how the ball should bounce back towards the green. Sometimes it is easier for people to determine the angle the ball will ricochet backwards by visualizing a piece of pizza or pie. The angle the ball flies towards the tree would represent one side of a slice of pie and ideally, the angle the ball will fly back towards the green will be represented the other edge of the pie. Of course, different irregularities on the surface of the tree, such as rough bark or cut branches could change the way the ball will fly back. Hit the ball with double the amount of power as you normally would from this distance and make sure you keep your body still as you punch it into the tree.

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Mark T. | 10 years ago, at the end of December

I like the pie idea. The wider the slice pie, the wider the V shape of a ricochet. Nice. I would think a narrow attack would be best but then again, my score is so high, it really doesn't matter if I take the safer shot.

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