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You suffer from weight shift problems. This could include finishing your swing with your body weight onto the back foot and lose power due to a reverse C finish or you do not transfer your weight from your front foot onto your back foot into a reverse pivot.


You need to create more hip rotation and reduce the amount your legs and body slides towards the target at impact.


Lift your front foot off of the ground during your backswing if you suffer from a reverse pivot. Put it back down once you start your forward swing to help encourage a proper weight shift. If you want to lose your reverse C, stand on the clubface of a wedge with the outside of your back foot, so that the shaft stands upright and is almost touching your trailing hip. Practice swinging a club while trying to avoid touching your trailing hip against the shaft. Your hips will slide into the club if you have a reverse C finish. Remember to shift your weight from your front foot onto your back during the backswing and back onto the front side at the end of your swing. Keep practicing on this aspect of your swing until you no longer slide your weight into the shaft of the club.

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