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Rotator Cuff stretch


You have injured your rotator cuff in the past and want to stretch it before playing a round of golf.


Even if it is only one rotator cuff that is sore, you should get into the habit of stretching both. This will help keep your body equally stretched and help prevent future injuries.


Hold a club straight out in front of you so that it is parallel to the ground. Have your right palm facing up and your left palm turned down. Cross your right arm over your left arm and turn your upper body towards your left. You should feel a nice stretch in your right rotator cuff. Now repeat on the other side by placing your left hand under the club and your right hand on the top. Turn the club over so that your left arm is over your right arm and turn towards your right. You should now feel a nice stretch in your left rotator cuff.

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Michael Ringland | 7 years ago, at the start of April

This is garbage. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body, and at this joint in a golf swing you need stability. The rotator cuff need strengthening, not stretching. There is very little credible evidence regarding stretching being beneficial. Exactly how did this advice get on your web site?

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