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Rough Bluegrass Lie


You are not used to playing on bluegrass. To make matters worse, the ball landed in rough.


Sometimes bluegrass will feel softer or faster than you are used to. This is especially true when you have a downhill lie and you should try to use this to your advantage to create a high and soft shot.


Allow the leading edge to cut through the grass and the bottom to slide on the grass. Open the clubface first and then grip the club as you normally would for this distance. Stand a little further away from the ball to add extra loft. Lower your hands and club so that they are placed closer to the ground. It will almost look as if you are getting ready to rest your hands on your upper thigh, just above your knee. Keep a good rhythm and allow the clubhead to slide under the ball as if you were taking a sand shot. You should see it get a little loft, fly short, and land softly on the green.

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