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Rough Putt


The ball landed in the deep rough near the green and you are not good at hitting your wedges when you are this close to the pin.


Try hitting out of the rough with your putter.


Set the ball way back in your stance. Grip the putter near the lower end of the grip and lean the shaft towards the target. Remember to grip the putter strong enough to prevent it from turning in the rough. Think of swinging an axe as you hit down on the topside of the back of the ball.

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tiger | 9 years ago, mid-August

this fails. mine hit another person before becoming lodged in a side of a bunker.

Bob Smith | 9 years ago, mid-August

It requires practice. I also find good results with a 7 Iron using a putting stroke. The club is held somewhat awkwardly to get a smooth putting stroke, but it works more often than not. Again, practice is the key.

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