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Sand Cut


The ball landed in a sand bunker and there is a tree that you must hit under in order to reach the green.


Although the sandwedge has bounce to it, select a club with a lot less loft to help you avoid hitting the tree.


Try using your five iron, take a normal grip and aim your clubface towards the pin then open your clubface with your body aimed left of the target. You will need cock your wrists early. Keep your hands behind the ball as you swing on an outside path. Cut across the ball and plan to hit the sand a little over an inch behind the ball. Be sure to make a full follow through.

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Andrew Neal | 7 years ago, at the start of October

8 or 9 iron, not a 5 iron. A 5 will never work you wouldn't be able to get it over the lip

Statler | 7 years ago, at the start of October

The point is to have just enough loft to make it over the lip without hitting any branches on the tree before making it to the green. As long as the lip is knee level or less then you should be golden!

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