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Sand Grip


You struggle hitting a golf ball out of the sand.


Relax your hands a little more so that you can feel the weight of the clubhead at setup and as you approach impact with the sand.


You probably hear a lot of sand tips telling you to be aggressive and to make a good acceleration. Although this is great advice, players often create an unnecessary amount of tension in their hands and forearms once they think about having to make an aggressive swing. This will do you more harm than good because if you have a light enough grip pressure; it will increase the clubhead speed. This is will go a long way in addition to using the sandwedge with a very heavy clubhead. Relax and remember to make a full finish.

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Jason | 7 years ago, at the start of March


d | 7 years ago, at the start of March

This tip is so right! Additionally, tension comes from fear and being taught to avoid the bunker. The names, bunker and sand trap, suggests trouble when in many cases the sand can actually prevent the ball from moving into a more difficult situation. Good bunker players actually aim for the sand, if the target is too difficult to approach. A positive spin will lessen the tension in the bunker. Enjoy the beach, mates!

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