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Scream for Success


You suffer from extreme tension or are unable to stop thinking about the many phases in your swing.


For many tense golfers try to overcontrol the ball with their arms or appear to be trying to kill the ball. However, you still may be lacking enough aggression throughout your entire golf swing. The key to gaining this aggression is to have a way to release the tension in your hands and arms as you swing.


Waggle the club to help relax your wrists. Look at your arms near your elbows and make sure your arms are not so tight that they are perfectly straight. Allow a slight flex in this area to help relieve some tension and for a proper release. Now instead of thinking about little steps in your swing or keeping your eyes on the ball, simply think of only screaming as you hit the ball. Screaming requires more thought that you might think and therefore allows you to clear your mind of the trivial parts of your swing. Sure, you might only get away with it once or a tee far away from the club house but it will feel good and will show it in your swing. Ideally, do it on an empty driving range as much as possible in order to feel what a good swing feels like so you can replicate the swing and imagine doing the scream on the course. When it is acceptable, go ahead and scream something like Hiiiiyyyyaaaaaaaah!

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