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Shake It Up


You hit several clubs really well yet you feel that your game is stuck in a rut.


Select your favorite clubs and pull them out of your bag before you start your round. This will give you a challenge and a great opportunity to improve on hitting the other clubs in your bag.


By playing with these other clubs, it will force you to plan your lay up positions differently. This can be especially beneficial if you always plan on hitting the same distance on a particular hole. Plan ahead, think about where you need to land the ball and what kind of shot you will be left with once you do. If you are playing a par 5, ask yourself where you should land the ball for an easy shot onto the green on your third hit. Now look in your bag and decide which club can get you there. Even if this club is not ideal for the shot, take an extra second to think about how you can make it work. How should you swing it? Can you increase or decrease the loft of the club? You could choke down on the club to reduce the distance. Swing without apprehension because even your mistakes in this round are an opportunity to improve on hitting another club.

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