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Short Game Attitude


You cannot seem to chip and putt as well as you used to. Now you dread getting near the green.


Play more games and contests with friends on and around the green to make the game feel less like work. Learn to become excited by having an opportunity to putt because this is where the fun begins. Once you do, you will find that your putting will become more natural and that you are enjoying the game more overall.


Get excited about your short game by competing with your buddies. Whoever can get the ball the closest to the cup while chipping gets 5 points and the second closest gets 2. Whoever has the ball that is the furthest from the hole on the green loses a point. On the positive side for this person, everyone has to putt from this location. You gain 5 points if you can sink the ball from this location. You gain 2 points if your ball is the closest to the hole. However, you lose a point if your ball went past the cup more than a foot and you lose two points if the ball rolls more than three feet past the cup.

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