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Short Tweener Shot


You have only a short distance to reach the hole and are playing in very strong crosswinds. Although a bump and run would keep the ball low, you need a shot with less roll on the green.


Take a three quarter backswing or a tweener shot so that the ball flies shorter than the club normally is meant to achieve. When you slow down both the body and club through impact, it will cause a huge pull to the left.


Normally for an iron shot, you need a steep swinging plane. This time you can focus on hitting the ball a little lower but apply some extra power down onto the ball. Place the ball in the back part of the center of your stance. Take an aggressive three quarter backswing and use a strong wrist cock. Allow your body to move ahead as your arms and club trail behind to catch the ball on the face. Be sure that you accelerate your arms and club through impact.

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