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You have a water hazard in front of you with tree limbs that are preventing a good hit over the water, onto the green.


If punching the ball low across the water will not work, try skipping the ball across it, as if you were skipping a stone. You will want to practice the skip shot before you attempt this during play. That way if you really cannot afford adding on extra strokes, you will be able to pull this shot off and amaze your opponents.


Use your iron with the least amount of loft, such as a three iron. Place the ball towards the back of the center of your stance. Set up to the ball so the club is slightly open. Do not allow any wrist cock or movement for both arms during your backswing and keep your wrist on your forward arm stiff so that the clubface stays open throughout the entire swing. This will help reduce the amount of spin on the ball. You really need to hit down on the ball hard. Do not turn your hands over during the forward swing. You should not worry about overshooting the green; the water will severely slow the ball down. Ideally, you would want the ball to start skipping as far out as possible, to help ensure it makes it across. However, most people would be lucky to simply make it across; which is why you want to practice this shot before utilizing it!

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21 votes

gerkovkeng | 10 years ago, mid-July

This a ridiculous idea to pursue.... why would you even try to skip the ball across the water when the obvious risk percentage is sooo high?

Fudgenuts | 10 years ago, mid-July

CAuse it would rock.

Bill | 10 years ago, at the end of July

I have done this before, and have seen others do it as well. I agree that if unnecessary, it would be foolish to take the chance. However if it means possibly taking a hole in match play, why not go for it (especially if you'd lose the hole otherwise)?

Cliff | 10 years ago, at the end of July

Hit the branch, plunk in the water, take the penalty. Or take the better chance at skipping, and if sinks then take the penalty, but if not then you are still all the better off? I say go for it, if you feel you got a chance, and no chance with the branches.

Myriam Mackey | 9 years ago, mid-August

I just started playing and have done this amazing trick without even trying it... and it works everytime... beginner's luck I guess

Carrie | 8 years ago, at the end of January

Awesome idea! I'm going to try this just for fun. Thanx.

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