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Small Green and Tight Lie


You have a firm lie and you need to put the ball onto a small green.


Select a wedge without a lot of bounce. This is usually a 60 degree wedge. One way to make sure is to look at the back edge of the sole of your club. The lower the back edge is in relation to the leading edge, the more bounce it has. So, select a wedge with the highest back edge to help reduce bounce.


Set the ball in the middle of your stance and place a little more weight onto your back leg. Relax your grip on the club to allow the club to do most of the work. Do not worry about breaking your wrist because you want this swing to feel like a long putt. This will set the club up to have a level sliding motion under the ball as it rotates open. Let your elbows move towards your body in the follow through instead of straightening. The open clubface at the end of your swing will allow the ball to have a lot of loft.

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