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South Paw Drill


You need a drill that will help you create a full follow through.


Many golfers overlook the importance of daily stretches that will allow a full shoulder turn during the forward swing. Work on stretching both sides of your body and extending your turning ability every day.


One great drill to help you develop a stronger follow through is to swing left handed if you are a right handed player or right handed if you are a left handed player. The cheapest way to do this is to use a broom or an old shaft. Focus on making a full backswing and follow through. This will help you maintain an even muscle tone on both sides of your body. Keeping an even muscle tone is important in preventing injury and maintaining balance during your swing. Plus, it allows you to notice and refresh basic swing fundamentals by having to do it in what feels to be reverse. You will notice the urge to make a full backswing will be a great motivator for creating good muscle tone and flexibility that is needed for your follow through when you are playing with your clubs.

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