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Square It Back


You are hitting pull hooks.


When we think about having the clubhead square, we usually focus on it being square at impact. However, a lot of pull hooks can be prevented by simply focusing on keeping the clubhead square to the target as you move the club back, away from the ball for the first couple of feet.


Practice your takeaway in slow motion and notice how you naturally move the clubhead. Players with pull hooks often have the clubface open as they move the club about two feet away from the ball. If the clubface is not square during the first two and a half feet of your backswing, it will can lead into an over the top swing with a slice or a pull hook.

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archienc45 | 5 years ago, at the start of July

Making a full and complete shoulder turn will also help avoid the pull-hooks. A full shoulder turn would feel like the back of your spine (between your shoulder blades) is facing the target on the backswing.

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