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Staying On the Fairway


It is important that the ball lands in the fairway with your next tee shot.


Try hitting a fade for a little more control over your tee shot. This is because fades tend to give you less roll without compromising your distance.


Tee the ball low enough to allow the top of your clubface to be level with the top of the ball. Setup to the ball with your collarbone centered over the ball but with your lower body tilted slightly way from the target. You should find it to be more comfortable if you allow your head to be a little closer to the target than usual. This setup will allow you to almost pinch the ball with the clubface with a more descending swing. Remember to accelerate through the ball with a full weigh shift. This will allow a delay in the release of the clubhead to help keep the clubface slightly open at contact.

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10 votes

Jason | 6 years ago, mid-March

I hit fades without trying. Good insight, but this does not help my swing.

Bill | 6 years ago, mid-March

I also hit 'fades'. When hitting it straight, I have tried the 'chicken wing' approach to fades, by letting your lead elbow flare out as you swing through, promoting a more open clubface through the ball.

brad | 6 years ago, mid-March

Ha, ha! Jason, I was thinking the same thing. Maybe we need to do the opposite of what this says...

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