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Surprise Draw


You are drawing the ball when you set up for a fade.


Double check to ensure the ball is placed at the bottom of your swing. Also try to note your impact or finish position to see if you are arching your back. The cause could be because of making contact with the ball during the upswing, indicating that you need to move the ball back in your stance a little more.


Make sure you accelerate through the ball with a full weight shift. Part of the force behind having a good fade comes from having a good, accelerating weight shift onto your forward leg. This allows a delay in the release of the clubface and helps keep the clubface slightly open at impact.

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Jason | 6 years ago, mid-April

Please explain more about "arching your back because of making contact with the ball during the upswing"... I'm a little unclear on this. Thanks.

Debbie G. | 6 years ago, mid-April

The arching your back is like that of a reverse C position.

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