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Swaying or Tilting


You are swaying or tilting during your golf swing.


This is a sign that you are not turning your the hips correctly. This can cause you to over swing your arms, prevent a proper weight shift and swing path. Plant your leading heel firmly on the ground during the downswing and through impact. This will help you reduce swaying and tilting, thus allowing the momentum of the swing to be transferred into a quick upper body rotation. Another possible cause could be from poor posture or weak abdominals. Remember to exercise these muscles daily


Practice your weight shift without a club. Stand tall and relaxed with your feet shoulder width apart. Bend slightly forward from your hips and slightly from the knees. Look straight in front of you, put your hands on your hips, and turn your body to the right. Your weight should be on your right side. Now return to center and then turn to the left. You should want your weight to be on your left side. Practice turning until you feel the proper weight shift to the right as it should on your backswing if you are a right handed player. Once you have the correct weight shift, practice with your club and then imagine your weight propelling downward into your left heel without swaying during your downswing.

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