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Swing Changes


You have seen a golf professional for help and there is one swing adjustment that is throwing you off.


Anxiety over hitting the ball once trying a new adjustment can cause you to hit worse than you did before the adjustment. This is why you should setup without a ball while you are smoothing it out.


As you practice, remember to use your usual key thought during the swing and to setup as usual. Feel free to swing with an old shaft, broom, or without a club while you are practicing this new swing adjustment.

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Michael Ringland | 8 years ago, at the start of October

As a golfing physiotherapist I view any golf swing as a complex interaction between body joints and brain. Some studies show that thousands of correct repetitions are required to "cement in" the new moves demanded of your body to be remembered by the part of the brain responsible for automatic (as in a well grooved golf swing) movement. The ideas suggested to help this all seem good, another one is to practice by starting at the end point of your swing, reverse the whole thing, another one is to practice the small movement involved in the change a few times, (termed part practice) and follow up with the whole (hopefully correct) movement. Another good reason not to learn bad habits, because relearning is very hard for most of us.

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