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Teeing the Ball Too Low


You are slicing, topping the ball or hitting it thin because you teed the ball too low towards the ground.


You are more likely to slice if you tee the ball too low to the ground because this encourages you to take a more upright swing with an open clubface at impact. Try teeing the ball higher. If the ball is up higher, it will encourage you to swing around your body more instead of simply taking the club up and down. The ball will fly straighter because of moving the clubhead from inside to along the target line with greater ease. Another possible alternative for teeing the ball low for a lower ball flight is tee the ball higher but lean the tee forward.


If you need to tee the ball low, make sure you maintain your knee flex that you established at address. Waggle the club to ingrain how the takeaway and forward swing should occur and be sure to focus on keeping the clubface square to the target at impact.

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