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The Dreaded Push


You push the majority of your long shots. If you are a right handed player and are hitting the ball straight to the right or a left hander and are hitting it straight to the left of the target.


One simple adjustment that may cure your push is to move the ball forward in your stance. If the ball is located too far back in your stance it will cause you to block the shot. You will end up hitting the ball before you are able to square the clubface. So, make sure the ball is positioned at the bottom of your swing arc or just slightly forward of it.


Do not lean away from the ball because you want your bodyweight placed over the arches of your feet. If your stance is too wide, it will prevent a proper weight shift and encourage a pushed shot. If these adjustments do not eliminate your push, have someone watch your swing to see if you are sliding your hips towards the target instead of turning your hips as you approach the ball. Put an old shaft into the ground on the target side of your front hip if you are unable to videotape your swing or have someone watch it. This way your hips will hit the shaft if you are swaying your hips forward.

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