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The Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide


You would like to replace some of your traditional clubs with hybrid utility clubs, but are not sure where to begin.


Compare the loft of the club that you want to replace with the loft of the hybrid.


Consult the relevant chart below to determine what the proper hybrid angle to look for when replacing a standard club.

Mens Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide
Hybrid Angle Club Replaced
14? - 16? 3 wood or 1 iron
17? - 19? 5 wood or 2 iron
20? - 22? 7 wood or 3 iron
23? - 25? 9 wood or 4 iron
26? - 28? 5 iron
Ladies Hybrid Loft Conversion Guide
Hybrid Angle Club Replaced
18? - 20? 5 wood or 2 iron
21? - 23? 7 wood or 3 iron
24? - 26? 9 wood or 4 iron
27? - 28? 5 iron
29? - 31? 6 iron


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Howard Rockwell | 8 years ago, mid-August

Does Senior shaft changeyour chart? Is there a lower loft chart available?

Art | 7 years ago, at the end of January

What is loft of 9wood?

patrick | 7 years ago, mid-February

Keep in mind that you will always hit longer with woods than irons. Maybe a 3 wood is 14-16 degrees as a 1 iron, but youll hit the 3 wood longer. The hybrid is, as the name states, longer than an iron an shorter than a wood at the same angle.

bartar | 7 years ago, at the end of July

Well i must be doing something wrong as i am hitting my irons slightly longer than my hybrid's equivalent.

Maureen Cole | 6 years ago, mid-May

Can I replace my old sand wedge and old pitching wedge with a 50 degree for pitching and a 60 degree for a sand wedge. I am a left handed lady and that is all they had available.

Dick | 6 years ago, at the end of July

My hybrids all are numbered 2,3,4. Are these numbers convertible to iron or wood numbers?

Bob | 6 years ago, mid-August

They are convertible to iron numbers when marked like that Dick. You can carry both though (like a 3 iron along with a 3 hybrid). They fly different distances and trajectories, so I've never looked at hybrids as iron replacements, but just another tool to use. A 21 degree hybrid will usually get up higher than a 21 degree iron when struck well.

marie kelly | 6 years ago, mid-August

I find it very difficult to hit my woods and can hit my 22 degree hybrid really well. I am thinking of getting a Taylormade 18D hybrid as that is the make of the rest of my clubs but they seem to be all mens 18D. Can anyone tell me if I can get a ladies one.

steve basford | 6 years ago, mid-August

I want to replace my 4 iron (24 degrees) with a hybrid. Should the loft be the same?

HERNANDO MARTINEZ NEIRA | 5 years ago, mid-January


HERNANDO MARTINEZ NEIRA | 5 years ago, mid-January

QUIERO SABER LOS GRADOS DE LOS HIBRIDOS GRADOS HIERRO EQUIVALENTE HIBRIDO 3________________________________________________ HIBRIDO 4________________________________________________ HIBRIDO 5________________________________________________ HIBRIDO 6________________________________________________ GRACIAS HERNANDO MARTINEZ NEIRA hmngigio@yahoo.es

Casual Golfer | 5 years ago, at the end of February

I got an Alpha RM5 #2 hybrid, 16*, and man that thing is fantastic. Getting about 200yds with it dead down the pipe. The 5H I got also hits really straight and far too.

Casual Golfer | 5 years ago, at the end of February

ABsolutely agree, Bob. They advertise hybrids as a 'replacement' for irons but I dont think that is the case. Ive got hybrids, irons and woods all three in my bag and Im playing the best golf I have so far. I think each club type has its strengths and weaknesses and learning how to use them the most effective is best.

Ricky | 5 years ago, at the start of April

Can anyone advise as to what the best driver degree would be for me? I used to have lessons as a child around 14 years ago and am now playing off around 20 (handicap). Is there anything to choosing a certain degree or does different angles suit different golfers depending on skill set??

Craig | 5 years ago, at the start of April

I just put the 5wood RocketBallz in the bag yesterday. Love it and hit it a long ways (210yds). I am now in a dilemma... What to do with my hybrids. I have the Adams Redline iron set. I am having a tough time hitting the 3h and 4h. It goes right, not like a shank or slice, but definitely a push. And I feel very uncomfortable with them. Should I get a different hybrid? the RocketBallz? The A12OS? ??? Should I add a 3 Wood??? Should I add the 3h and 4h that I can actually hit? What about head size? The Redline head size is a bit much for me... My set looks like this right now. F11 - Driver 10.5? RocketBallz 5 wood 19? 3 Hybrid 19? 4 Hybrid 21? 5 24? 6 27? 7 31? 8 35? 9 40? PW 44? GW 48? SW 52? LW 56?

staceyf | 5 years ago, mid-April

Most club makers don't include a 3iron anymore. A lot of people can't hit a 4 iron. I use the Adams Speedline 3W an love it. I have one hybrid as I prefer original clubs. I use the hybrid for tough lies, especially on hard ground or on pine needles. I will say I don't keep clubs that I can't hit.

Carl | 5 years ago, at the start of May

Is there a hybrid club to replace the 9 iron if so what would be the rigth loft to use. I'm a senior golfer with a 20 handicap.

Rick | 5 years ago, at the start of June

Craig has his wedges a little out of sync his 44* PW is a 9 iron,his 48* GW is a PW, his52*SW is a GW or AW, his 56* LW is a SW he will find most LW or UL ore 60*-64*. But I do have a question, I understand that a quality ball gives quality results. My problem is hitting onto the green (forward rotation) at 100 yards in. No matter what I hit or how I hit it I usually run 10-15 yds past the cup. Even if I hit a flop with my UL. Pinching the ball no problem but still runs out. Would appreciate any helpful info.

SC Golfer | 5 years ago, mid-July

You would need to find a 46-48 degree hybrid to replace that iron. Probably lose feel though.

Stephen | 5 years ago, at the end of July

When you change to hybrids you have to stop and rethink your club selection. Just as going from a forged set of Ping to a forged set of TM. They just hit different from golfer to golfer. If they didn't then everyone would be using the same club and hitting the ball the same distance. So, use your hybrid, consistently. Play 3 or 4 rounds 'learning' your distances with each hb. Make notes. You'll find you have a new arsenal although trying to compare club for club by number of the club (6 iron, 7 iron, etc.) will have no meaning. When you pick up say the 5hb and you have hit it the straightest at 180 and you trust it at that distance, that's 'your distance' for the hybrid. Someone else may have it locked in at 160 or 210. That's their swing. Learn your ability/capability with a hb and simply do as you did with your regular irons. Learn 'your' distance, don't hit it based on some chart, although the chart will give you some good starting points. What would you rather do, hit at it hard trying to reach a goal that your swing may not allow and end up with bad shots; or, hit it down the middle of the fairway every time and be the one waiting on everyone else to find their ball in the rough? Your choice. Doc

Stephen | 5 years ago, at the end of July

Pitching wedges for week end golfers should begin at 48 degrees and if you will take the time to practice, a good sand wedge works better from 10 yards off the green than a 48 degree pw. It's all about fly and die and a sw will do a better job for most weekenders. It's not what everyone else is doing with their club, it's what you can do with your club that makes a difference. We play the course, we don't play against another golfer. If you did that would be silly. This is an individual sport, played against a designed golf course, not played against another golfer. Keep your mind on your current shot. Once it's been done, put it away, and plan to approach your next shot, it's the only one that matters now. Stephen.

Finlay | 5 years ago, mid-August

Thinking of changing my 5 iron for a hybrid this is because i have the tendancy to fade/slice the ball but not with my other clubs (6+). It is stiff shafted witha tour fit head - any recommendations / loft need something to do approx 185 yards

lisa | 5 years ago, mid-October

im thinking of getting a 16D hybrid instead of a 3 wood, i have a 19D 4 wood but i have quite a large gap between my driver & 4 wood, i have a 22D hybrid & a 25D hybrid which are my fav clubs in my bag, ive heard that once you go under 20D in a hybrid they are really hard to hit, im a lady golfer with a handicap of 24

Rob | 4 years ago, at the end of March

"Stephen | last year, at the end of July Pitching wedges for week end golfers should begin at 48 degrees and if you will take the time to practice, a good sand wedge works better from 10 yards off the green than a 48 degree pw. It's all about fly and die and a sw will do a better job for most weekenders. It's not what everyone else is doing with their club" That may be the worst advice I have ever heard. Telling a weekend hacker to go with SW over PW from 10 yards out? Thank god your not a golf instructor.

Dave | 4 years ago, mid-September

Rob - I'm a weekend hacker and do use my SW from 10 yards out and sometimes tad further. I like that club better than PW b/c I seem to be more consistent w/SW vs PW. To each his own.

Dave A | 4 years ago, at the end of November

If you want accuracy and a club that stops the ball quickly from 70 m out to just off the green try the lCeveland 42 degree niblick. Works bloody wonders.

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Felix | 3 years ago, mid-January

I've tried to find a hybrid to replace a 7 iron but have been unable to find one. do they make it, and if so where can I find one

Ernie Tugman | 3 years ago, at the start of June

I have a 29 degree Hybrid would tha be more like a 6 iorn ? I have a 29,24,18 but my 24 has a 5 on it to and my 18 has a 3 on it to thanks b ut going by your chart a ( 24 is a 4 ) and ( 18 is a 2 )

Peter Martin | 3 years ago, at the end of June

I would like to replace my ancient one Iron which I use of the Tee, max drive of approx 180 yds. What Hybrid would you recommend Peter.

Richard | 3 years ago, mid-July

i have no irons in the bag. Hybrids dropped my hdcp immediately for a number of reasons. 31* thru 15.5* An Observation I made is the fact that irons in different grasses tif, bermuda, rye, etc. react differently. Hybrids are consistent and fair much better in a second cut rough than an iron. What the instructors won't tell you is that the pros are not affected by club difference with their ability to swing through the ball most amateurs cannot or will never achieve that swing. BTW...I have found the most effective and forgivable hybrid is the 18* angled for roughly 180 yards. i call it the GET OUT OF TROUBLE CLUB.

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