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Too Aggressive


You are an aggressive swinger and see too much loft.


Do not try to hit at the ball, instead focus on trying to swing into it. When you hit at the ball with your hands and arms, they will move so fast that it overtakes the body. You will then lose your spine angle by standing upright at impact or soon afterwards. If this is happening to you, you should notice that the majority of your body weight is still on your back leg at the end of your swing.


Practice swinging until you notice the difference between hitting the ball and swinging into it. This might be a little difficult if you are used to playing baseball or tennis more than golf. You will need to sweep the club more while using your woods. The best way to practice this is if you take a nice smooth swing at only three quarter swing length. With a shorter swing, it will allow you to focus on trying to lengthen the impact zone with more of a sweeping motion. Be sure you try to keep your spine angle at the same tilt that you established at set up and that you are shifting your body weight onto your forward leg during the forward swing.

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