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Two Iron


You are not good at using your woods but need to make a long and accurate tee shot.


Try using a 2 iron instead of your driver or fairway woods.


One of the biggest problems people have with using a two iron is that they use too wide of a stance. Your feet should be just a little wider apart than the width of your shoulders. Tee the ball about two inches behind the inset of your forward foot and tee it lower than you would when using your driver. Imagine the ball hitting next to the pin or at a specific location on the fairway that is free from obstacles. Then swing and remember to take a full follow through.

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7 votes

english | 10 years ago, mid-December

if you can't hit these oversized drivers today, how can you expect them to be able to hit a 2 iron? c'mon!!

PeteNrePete | 10 years ago, mid-December

How old is this tip? Sounds like advice from 1995.

AllWaysGolfin | 10 years ago, mid-December

who even has a 2 iron anymore?

scratch | 10 years ago, mid-December

Thats a shank!

Mark T. | 10 years ago, mid-December

Tiger does it to avoid bunkers and on some really tight fairways. If it works for him, I'd be willing to give it a try. ;)

dbm | 10 years ago, at the end of December

Try a 3-Hybrid instead. Please. :)

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