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Uncomfortable Layers


The weather is poor and you cannot get your arms to feel comfortable while wearing multiple layers of clothing. This is clearly affecting your swing.


You will need to make some swing adjustments because your comfort level and the layers are likely to inhibit your swing. Try selecting thinner and tighter layers that will keep your body heat in instead of lose and thick layers.


Your swing will feel constricted. To help compensate for this, you should use a lighter grip because tension from this constriction will cause you to naturally want to grip the club tighter than usual. Take a slower backswing to allow a more flowing movement and better turn. You should not try forcing yourself to make a full swing. Focus on making a more relaxed swing and remember to plan a shorter distance for each shot.

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Don Beats | 6 years ago, at the end of February

I have found that a light sweater such as cashmere, with a vest and a pullover light goretex,usually keeps me warm and dry,with very little restriction

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