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Unusually Fast


You are playing the same course as usual but you are wondering why the greens are becoming faster and faster throughout the year.


Check to make sure that you still have a smooth pace and tempo. However, a likely culprit could be a change in the seasons. The temperature and humidity will change the way the grass bends and how high the blades will sit, therefore changing how the ball will roll.


The ball will roll slower when it is hot and humid because the ball has to move through the grass. The ball rolls faster when it is cold outside because the grass requires less water. When the grass requires less water, it makes the grass stiff and therefore faster since the ball can roll on top on the blades instead of having to move through it as it would on a warmer day.

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Bill | 7 years ago, mid-September

Are we talking about day-to-day humidity and temperature changes? If so, that is interesting.

Mark T. | 7 years ago, mid-September

It is mostly about the temperature changes throughout the seasons. With fall rapidly approaching, it is a common concern. However, you will notice that the grass plays like this if the temperature/humidity fluctuates from day to day.

Tibbie | 6 years ago, mid-November

Yeah, that's the ticekt, sir or ma'am

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