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Use Fairway Woods or Hybrids in the Bunker


Bunker in the fairway, your irons may dig into the sand too much, and you need more distance.


Use a fairway wood for lower lips and a hybrid for higher bunker lips. The wider sole of a hybrid or fairway wood will make it harder to dig into the sand and you will get more distance than normal. A hybrid has a lower center of gravity so even if you hit it poorly, you will still get up in the air.


Choke down on the grip of the club. Keep your hands loose and keep your feet grounded without digging your feet into the sand. When there is a shallow lip to the bunker, you can use a fairway wood. Put the ball in the back center of your stance with your weight forward and stand straighter than normal. This will make the ball fly a little to the right so you will need to adjust your aim to compensate for it. When there is a high lip to the bunker, use a hybrid. Place the ball a little forward of the center of your stance, keep your hips and legs still during the swing, and take a shorter backswing but be sure to make a full finish.

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Scott | 10 years ago, mid-December

in the cure above, the first line states to use a wood for higher lips and a hybrid for lower lipped bunkers. However, in the Therapy section it says exactly the opposite. Could you please clear this up? Thank you.

Golf Medic | 10 years ago, mid-December

Thanks for pointing that out! Utility clubs are great at giving extra loft so you can get the ball over bunkers with high lips.

the punisher | 8 years ago, mid-December

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plc | 5 years ago, mid-February

do you really need a 4 and 5 hybrid in your bag?

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