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You have an over the top swing that is too far outside of the target line.


You might be casting the club at the top of your swing, spinning your trailing shoulder outward, or even using too much hand movement as you are beginning your swing.


It is common for people to talk about staying behind the ball or keeping their head and upper body back while driving. This can be an advantage for power if you can swing inside of the target line as you approach the ball. In order to approach the ball from the inside, you want to think about coming in below and behind the ball and then out towards the target. A great way to train your muscles to do this is to swing without a club. Another option is to sweep a broom across the grass or carpet as if you are moving it inside of the target line to impact. This requires a conscious effort to make this motion, allowing you to mentally and physically condition your body to swing inside the target line. Now tee up a ball. Place another tee into the ground a foot behind the teed ball. As you take your backswing, allow the clubhead to swing above the back tee. As you approach the ball, make sure the clubhead moves inside of the back tee and then into the ball. When done correctly, you should actually notice a distinct feeling of your forward arm moving inside the target ling and around your body as you begin the follow through.

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Michael Henry | 10 years ago, mid-October

A good drill to do with my own modification(adding the Right hand at the top) which does all of the above without conscious thought or effort on my part. Practice swinging the club back with just the LEFT hand on the club.The club will fall into it's correct plane without any effort on your part.Then without pausing add the right hand and complete the swing.It gives a beautiful inside to through the ball result. Feel as though the RIGHT hand is just along for the exiting ride (A.F.T.E.R. Along Fore The Exiting Ride). The less we do to interfere with the club in motion the better the result You read it here first ;-)

bazabollox | 7 years ago, at the end of October

What a load of rubbish. It is all so mechanical. No wonder the national avg. handicap is still 16. How can one relax trying to remember all these stupid do's & don'ts? One will never hit a ball properly until a relaxed posture, relaxed back swing, relaxed transition & a relaxed but aggressive strike can be achieved. Forget the ball. Learn a golf swing using a video camera, teacher & without hitting a ball & when you have achieved the former - go hit balls without frustration being the result.! By the way- a good follow through will result from all that relaxed 'swing'!

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