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Wet Sand Mistakes


It is a rainy day and you cannot seem to hit a decent sand shot.


For normal sand shots, it is often great to swing hard and blast the ball out of the bunker. However, you might want to avoid doing this if the sand is packed hard or wet. Doing so will make the golf ball fly much further than you desire.


Another thing to avoid is setting the clubface square at setup. This will cause the leading edge to cut deep into the sand and slow or even stop your swing. Open the clubface to utilize the bounce. Try to think of this shot as being more like a traditional iron shot as you need to hit down so that you do not pick up too much bounce. You do not need to have a fast swing with wet sand but you do need to slap down on the sand. The clubhead will still slide under the ball with this swing so if it has been raining for several days and the sand is packed really hard, this is a sign that you will need to hit down harder on the ball. If it only rained for a little while and the sand is a little firm, just take an easy swing and slap the sand. Rule of thumb, the harder the sand, the harder you need to swing.

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cameron larsen | 8 years ago, mid-May

"It is often great to swing hard and blast the ball out of the bunker. However, you might want to avoid doing this if the sand is packed hard or wet. Doing so will make the golf ball fly much further than you desire." "Rule of thumb, the harder the sand, the harder you need to swing." ???????

Mark T. | 8 years ago, mid-May

When hitting it out of the hard sand, the ball will fly faster and further. However, it will be a little more difficult to maneuver so you will need to slap at it a little harder if the sand is wetter/harder. If it is only a little wet/packed than you don't want to hit it really hard or it will overshoot your target. Practice in another sandpit to see how it feels if you are unsure.

Bill | 8 years ago, mid-May

I like opening the clubface because it permits the club to slice into the sand, reducing the bounce and the tendency for the club to hit thin. For really hard sand, it is sometimes like hitting a chip off the dirt I think, too? That is a much gentler swing. I'm kinda confused about the mixed messages here too. I presume we are talking about greenside bunkers primarily?

Chuck | 8 years ago, mid-May

I have also found that, if the sand is hard, try using a pitching wedge instead of a sand wedge. The flange on the sand wedge won't allow your club to bite into the sand. It will bounce more on the wet, hard-packed sand and that will give you a greater probability of blading the shot.

ten Actions To Healthful Hair

When it involves hair, I personally come to feel there is usually 3 categories during which we can be divided into. A few of us are born with lovely and healthful hair and proceed getting the same all through our lives; this really is the 1st group. The 2nd category consists of ladies who're not blessed with naturally beautiful hair but they can surely operate in the direction of attaining precisely the same. Ultimately, bunch of unlucky ladies constitute the third category. Questioning why I say so? What else really should I say for women who are born with gorgeous hair but usually lose their pretty locks because of pollution, well being circumstances, uncomfortable side effects of medicines or another unfortunate element! I fall while in the third category and I have tried a whole lot to conserve people precious strands. My experiences have taught me many matters and it's been a tough understanding course of action. In this article, I would like to inform you about ten critical items which it's possible you'll do for attaining healthier hair.

10 Steps to Wholesome Hair:

1. Retain it clean: ?Healthy hair could be attained only by clean hair and scalp. Use a shampoo that suits your hair sort, does a good cleansing job and makes it possible for no buildup. For those who are an outdoor sort of a individual, it is best to use a mild shampoo almost everyday or each alternate day. The top shampoo is one which contains no SLS, SLES, silicones and undesirable chemicals to guarantee which you never injury the health of one's hair even though getting rid of impurities. You could possibly go for Parita's recipe for homemade shampoo.?Follow up which has a good top quality conditioner. You might also use homemade conditioners?and hair rinses.

2. Continue to keep it nourished: ?Oils nourish your hair inside the most convenient way doable. Use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and castor oil, either individually or soon after mixing a handful of of them together. Use nourishing hair packs to maintain the health and fitness of the hair. Use eggs, bananas, curd, honey, amla powder, shikakai powder and so forth for preparing an appropriate hair mask. I prefer using henna because it offers nourishment to hair, imparts a subtle color to hair, and at the very same time, covers grey hair to an excellent extent. Usually I combine henna powder with lemon juice, curd and eggs.

3. Treat hair troubles in the roots: ?Hair issues are related to some root brings about. If it truly is dandruff, treat the problem. If it really is about iron deficiency, seek the advice of health practitioner for dietary supplements. For me it had been oily scalp and sticky dandruff resulting from oiliness.

4. Wholesome hair can also be about balanced scalp: ?Oils like olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil are excellent for your hair. Massage hair oil on scalp to promote blood circulation, protect against hair loss, supply nourishment to hair roots and relive dryness. Nonetheless, when you have oily hair and scalp, will not use oil while you would harm your hair wellbeing in that situation. Go for other choices. As an example, sulphur promotes hair health and fitness. Use onion juice to the purpose. Amla juice includes each possible nutrient that your hair and scalp requires and in the identical time, it keeps scalp no cost from oil. Use amla juice or onion juice right on scalp. Lemon juice can be good for scalp. Considering that I've oily scalp, I prefer using onion juice?as it helps to alleviate itchy scalp and manage hair reduction to some extent. I also use amla juice on scalp when the smaller onions are not out there.

5. Use the appropriate kind of hair care merchandise: ?Advertisements typically have a tendency to misguide you. Do not think blindly what they declare. Just be sure you invest within a product or service that suits you, rather than the brand ambassador in the advertisement. As an illustration, in the event you have dry hair, use shampoo and conditioner meant for dry hair due to the fact that should enable to alleviate dryness and give your hair a smoother look. Say for me, Dove array of solutions never usually suit me regardless of how nicely it fits numerous Indian women, such as my mom.

6. Have appropriate diet for balanced hair: ?Eat balanced to get wholesome locks. Incorporate proteins, nutritional vitamins, iron and minerals during the ideal way. I, for instance, make it a level to include the fresh juice of two amla, four or 5 almonds, 3 or four cashews, two or three dates, two spoons of honey, a fruit, an egg and at the very least a piece of fish (fish oil is extremely excellent for hair) in my everyday eating plan. Consuming a lot of water can also be significant.

7. Maintain hair far from damaging aspects: ?Heating, curling, straightening, perming, coloring and bleaching really are a stringent no-no! I under no circumstances do any of those on my hair and I vehemently oppose anyone who needs to embrace these damaging aspects willingly. Pollution, UV rays, and hair styling gels as well are under no circumstances welcome.

8. Include dietary supplements: ?Although, it's constantly wonderful if you're able to get your dose of nutrients via meals, it could be a necessity for you to add some vitamin, iron or cod-liver supplements. Generally go for doctor's information before going for almost any of these supplements.

9. Treating your hair proper: ?Treat your hair the way in which it deserves. Be gentle and stick to some straightforward guidelines. I truly feel one should really stay away from issues like combing moist hair when hair roots are weak, leaving hair open although going to bed as that makes hair a lot more prone to tangles and split-ends, more than combing of hair and skipping shampooing hair for any prolonged time.

10. Be common in hair care: ?Hair care just isn't a little something you ought to be accomplishing as soon as within a blue moon. Be regular in the strategy. Hair cleansing need to be accomplished 3 occasions per week, use hair oils or amla juice/onion juice and so forth two or three times every week before hair cleansing and use hair packs once inside a week or two weeks.

Healthy hair is one thing you acquire. Regardless of whether you put on your hair lengthy or short, have it thick or thin, shiny or not so shiny, it's critical that your hair is wholesome, sans dandruff, sans hair reduction troubles and sans hair breakage dilemma. Nutritious hair is beautiful hair.

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