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Why Hit Down


You do not understand why you need to hit down on the ball with your irons.


Many players will scoop the ball with their irons and will not see the loft that they desire. It is important to hit down on the ball to get it to gain the loft and trajectory that the club was designed to achieve.


Think of it this way. Take a kickball or any other ball that you can hold in one hand. Sit on the ground and gently hold the ball with one hand. Imagine that the palm of your other hand is the clubface of your club. Set this hand against the back of the ball and then move it way from the ball a foot while keeping it an even distance from the ground. Keep it level as you return the hand to hit the ball. Take note of how the ball flies straight, bounces a little and rolls a lot. This is what you want to see when you are using your driver and woods, a flat and level swing with a straight ball flight. Set up the same way but take your hand away from the ball at a 30 and a 45 degree angle. Return your hand to hit the ball at the same angle so that you have a downward motion onto the ball. Notice that the greater of an angle that you approach the ball that the more loft or bounce you will see. If you hit straight down on the ball that the ball will bounce more straight up and down and you see only little distance. Factor in the angle of a downward swing with the loft of the club and this will determine the type of ball flight you see. Trust the loft of your club and make a V shaped swing with your irons and you should see the loft you desire.

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Cay | 8 years ago, mid-June

Finally! I can actually visualize this concept. Thank you.

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