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Windy Dogleg


It is a windy day and you need to play a dogleg that curves to the left with a strong left to right wind.


On a day like this it is best to simply focus on getting the ball just past the bend. For a right handed player, the choice might seem obvious to fade the ball to allow the ball to move with the wind past. However, if there is large hazard on the right that you need to avoid, go ahead and play against the wind with a low draw.


A simple way to play this shot would be to just aim left and allow the wind to even it out to the middle of the fairway. Tee the ball near the right side of the teebox if you want to fade the ball and tee it a little higher than usual if you really want the ball to ride the wind past the hazard. A safer choice would be to draw the ball by teeing it low in the middle of the teebox. Consider laying up and using a club that is easier to control like one of your woods or wood hybrid. A draw would typically give you a little extra distance but the wind could shorten the distance and leave the ball close to the center of the fairway.

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