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Winter Gloves


It is raining outside and you need to play in a golf tournament.


A lot of other golfers will bring multiple gloves. Some will even bring a glove for each hole. One less expensive option is to use a pair of lined winter gloves over your golf glove between each shot.


Terry Knit gloves can help absorb some of the moisture from your golf glove. They will also keep the tendons in your hands and wrist warm and flexible. There are some thermal winter terry cloth lined gloves that are waterproof on the outside and can pull moisture away from your hands while wearing them between each shot. Wear a waterproof jacket with a hood to help prevent water from getting your clothes wet and making you uncomfortable. Bring extra towels in ziplock bags. Remember to take a swing at 80 percent or less to help compensate for your discomfort in the rain and to prevent injuries due to muscle stiffness.

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DON BEATS | 6 years ago, at the start of February

When I play in the rain,I take a cotton handerchief and wrap it around the grip, and even when it is wet the club will not twist or slip in your hands. Try it .You will be amazed.You don't even need a glove.

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